2 Liter Emergency Response Kit ERK
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2 Liter Emergency Response Kit ERK

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The 2 Liter Cold Fire Defense Emergency Response Kit (ERK) is the must have for any first responder vehicle.  In many cases the first responder groups at the scene must act quickly to suppress flames, extricate victims, treat basic medical needs until more advanced medical attention arrives.  In these first seconds of arrival to an emergency involving flames, medical and rescue...SECONDS TRULY COUNT.


Through development we've kitted the ability to mitigate heat and flames on contact with the Cold Fire Defense Blend formula.  This formulated agent is plant derived and meets freeze testing to military spec standards (-55 F).  The CFDB agent suppresses flames and cools surfaces on contact while providing a thermal heat blanket on the region that is treated, neutralizes the fuel and heat source to prevent re-ignition.  In conjuntion with this kit we've teamed the 1884 CHASE Stretcher System that has a rip-away capability from the carrier.  It has 6 lift / carry points and a 1,500 lb load capacity.  Ideal for dragging or hoisting a victim from a danger zone or a confined space rescue event.  Finally, we added a Rip-Away medical kit to the side of the carrier.  This provides the ability to address burns, hemorrhage control and other basic life safety needs for the victim until more Advanced Life Safety personnel arrive.


Content Options of the 2L CFD ERK:

  • 1884 CHASE Stretcher System (1500 lb load capacity)(Weighs 1.5 lb)
  • Medical Kit (Tourniquet, Trauma Dressing, Hemostatic Gauze, Gloves, etc.)



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