BDS MK9 Fire Suppression Tool
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BDS MK9 Fire Suppression Tool

Price: $29.99
12 or more: $22.50 each
  • Item #: BDSMK9
  • Manufacturer: Blaze Defense Systems
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BDSMK9P
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The BDS MK9 is a 12 oz unit that packs an incredible punch and rapid cooling capability.  The BDS MK9 unit is in pistol grip or finger loop form with a safety pull pin that adds increased user safety from accidental deployment of agent.  The BDS MK9 units are sold individually as well as in cases quantities of 12.




  • Great Personal Protection Tool
  • Mitigates Heat &  Flames Quickly
  • Agent Neutralizes Fuel Source
  • Instant Cooling Effect - Prevents Reignition
  • Compact Size Takes Up Limited Inventory Space
  • Safety Pull Pin
  • Color Coded Nozzle in Red for FIRE
  • 5 Year Aerosol Shelf Life
  • Optional Tactical Pouch Holster 
  • Optional Tactical Thigh Rig Mount
  • Optional Kydex Vehicle Mount
  • Dimensions 9H x 5.5 W (Handle) x 2.5 Deep
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