BDS Tactical Mini Suppressor
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BDS Tactical Mini Suppressor

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  • Item #: BDSMK4
  • Manufacturer: Blaze Defense Systems
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: BDSMK4
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The BDS Tactical Mini Suppressor is ideal for small spot fires or cooling down small hot surfaces.  The BDSMK4 is compact enough to fit in an IFAK or any type of compact carrying pouch.  The BDSMK4 can be used in any position, being a bag on valve design, it allows flexability for hard to reach angles.  This size model was developed and created with the military in mind.  The concept of group suppression, during an IED scenario, would allow multiple aerosols to be used together,  to enhance rescue opportunities.


  • -20 F Winterized Formulation Agent
  • Newest C6 Compliant Blended Agent
  • Instant Cooling 
  • Great for Small Spot Fire or Cool Down
  • Compact for Cargo Pocket
  • IFAK Compatible
  • 5 Year Aerosol Shelf Life
  • Flash Bang Fire Suppressor
  • Personal Protection
  • Optional Molle Holster for Belt or Vest Mount


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