Emergency Responder Kit Jr (ERK Jr)
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Emergency Responder Kit Jr (ERK Jr)

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  • Item #: ERKJR
  • Manufacturer: Blaze Defense Systems
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: ERKJR
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The Emergency Responder Kit Jr (ERKJR) is a compact and ideal individual first aid kit (IFAK) for any user.  Great for mounting on a vest using the molle capability, mounting in a vehicle, grab bag, etc.  The ERKJR has a unique rip away plat form that allow the pouch to be separated from the holster.  The function is great for a quick release and gaining access to the accessories inside as well as having the ability to toss the kit to another person in need.



 The Magnetic Retention System (MRS) is not included with the kit.  

The MRS is an add on accessory that can be added by using the drop down options below.


Contents of the Kit:



Rip Away Carrier


Twin Hyfin Chest Seals (Entry / Exit Seal)


CAT Tourniquet or SOF T Tourniquet Choice


Nustat Tactical Hemostatic Gauze




Israeli Bandage 4" Model




Colors of Carrier:




Olive Drab Green








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