First Response Trauma Kit
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First Response Trauma Kit

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As seen on Recoil Magazine Site the Blaze Defense Systems FRK Med Kit is making headway!

The First Response Trauma Kit is ideal for an individual to carry on their person in the event a quick response is needed for hemorrhage control or immediate casualty care of various means.  The kit can attach molle horizontal or vertically, has a snap clasp with hook and loop and the inside pouch can be torn away and dispersed as necessary for mobility purposes and ease of use.


In todays time, we all must think outside of the box when being proactive.  The thought of combining a fire suppression tool in an IFAK would seem very strange years back!  A unique tool, that would render a small amount of fire suppression capability, rapid cooling to hot surfaces and positive preservation of the burn, seemed like just the answer to the custom IFAK units we make up at Blaze Defense Systems in Pelham, Alabama.  


During the Boston City bombing a few years back, smoldering clothing and severed limbs were scattered across the sidewalks in a catostrophic mass casualty nightmare for first responders to arrive upon. Instances such as this particular incident and others, makes thinking outside the box a must!






Standard Kit Features:

Dimensions:  2.5" Deep x 5.5" High x 7.5" Wide


Colors: OD Green, Tan, Black, Multicam, Red




(1) CAT or SOFT Tourniquet or SWAT T (Your Choice)

(1) Nustat Hemostatic Agent (Celox Gauze or Quick Clot Combat Gauze Extra Cost)

(1) Trauma Dressing Flat 4"

(1) 6 1/4" Trauma Shears

(1) Pair of Gloves

(1) Compressed Gauze

(1) Twin Pair of Hyfin Chest Seal

(1) 4x4 Burn Wrap

(1) Micro Fire Suppression Device to Cool Down Hot Surfaces or Small Spot Fires

(1) Rip-Away Style Carrier Platform w/ Buckle


**OPTIONAL Nasopharyngeal Airway with Lubricant Add on Item**


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