Medical Trauma Assault Pack MTAP
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Medical Trauma Assault Pack MTAP

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  • Manufacturer: First Spear
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Medical Trauma Assault Pack (MTAP), Thin Profile



The MTAP, Thin Profile was designed with input and expertise from one of the finest medical products providers in the US and supports a large variety of tactical profiles for the different means and aspects of tactical infiltration and exfiltration from the modern battlefield. A large zippered pocket allows access from within or outside the pack, bungee attachment points will secure odd sized items, and three “tear out” pockets can be tossed to assist personnel facilitating a multi-casualty scenario. An easily accessed grab handle will allow the pack to be hung in vehicles or airframes.


Magnetic Retention System (MRS) optional add on to magnetically mount the medical kit inside a vehicle or outside vehicle.  Each MRS has an 8 lb load capacity with a 65 lb pull strength.  (2) MRS units are used in the picture to accomodate a 12 lb pack securely.







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