Skunk Malodorant Aerosol MK-20
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Skunk Malodorant Aerosol MK-20

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  • Item #: MK20SKUNK
  • Manufacturer: Odortec
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: MK20SKUNK
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Blaze Defense Systems provides “Skunk”, a non-lethal malodorant for use in dispersing unruly crowds, and quelling disturbances where the use of less-lethal technologies or irritants may not be required. The unique capability of Skunk is to disperse highly motivated individuals and to dissuade potential violent escalations while causing no harm to humans and/or the environment.



Skunk is a water based, biodegradable, vile smelling liquid.  The stench of Skunk immediately causes individuals and crowds to cease their activities in order to avoid the smell.  It is an effective tool - that provides law enforcement the capability to rapidly and effectively disperse highly motivated individuals or to dissuade unruly crowds from potential violent escalations.  Skunk is a unique solution in Crowd Control product offerings to law enforcement, public safety and security organizations. 


Applications include, but are not limited to, border crossings, correctional facilities, demonstrations and sit-ins. Decontamination soap is available to mitigate the odor.



The MK-20 Skunk disposable canister holds 20 ounces of Skunk and is filled and pressurized at the factory.  When placed into use, the MK-20 has a range of approximately 20-24 feet.



MK-20 Molle Pouch and Thigh Rig attachements are sold separately.


MK-20 Skunk DECON is sold separately.


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